I live in Egerton, Bolton, a small village in the North West of England on the edge of the Lancashire moors.

Combining my two favourite occupations, walking and embroidery have resulted in the embroidered textile pieces that I produce. All my work is directly inspired by nature. For me nothing is better for inspiration than the environment in which I live, so armed with a camera I can be found walking the country lanes, around the reservoirs and over the moors.

I readily take photographs, whether this is a far reaching view or the detailed section of a seed head or texture upon a surface.

Mixed Media Embroidery

Textiles are tactile, I love to create the heavy textural effects that are seen in my work and delight in the multi layers from the finest detail to the overall impression when viewed from a distance.

I always start with the dyeing and painting  of a wide range of papers, text, fabrics and threads. My workroom becomes my haven as I begin the process of application of fabrics using hand and free machine embroidery.  I love to use the soldering iron, the naked flame and the heat gun to burn away the layers and reveal the hidden stitching beneath. This technique allows me to build up the textural surface which I love, the work evolves rather than follows a predetermined  plan.

Since 2013 I have been producing mixed media pieces of textile work, both wall art and 3D ‘vessels’ and sculptures.

My work is constantly developing and is becoming increasingly influenced by detailed textures of rocks, trees, foliage etc observed whilst out and about.


I never go anywhere without my camera and readily snap away when I see something that interests me, from the far stretching view to the smallest area of texture seen upon a tree or rock. My latest work has become more abstract in nature and is inspired by the various surface textures observed whilst walking, both here and abroad.



1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krOkRitz8Xg&t=106s


2. https://youtu.be/DjKC-EBG1Jk


You tube video ‘Meet the artist’ by Katie Hill